About My name is Jacqueline Isabelle Forien and I am from Tours, France, a small city located in the middle of the Loire Valley. I am married and have four children. After an Engineer's degree in Computer Science at the UTC Engineering school and few years of work experience in that field, I decided to become a Mathematics teacher. I am still teaching but in the meantime became passionate about Artificial Intelligence and more specifically, Machine Learning. In 2013, I decided to start studying again at 53 years old and soon graduated from University College London in MSc Machine Learning. Soon after, I decided to create the Machine Learning Salon during my spare time so that I could stay updated on the changes that happen regularly in that field. I would like to express a special gratitude to my director of Machine Learning studies at UCL, Professor Mark Herbster, my tutor, Professor David Barber, my supervisor of Master's project, Professor Nadia Berthouze, as well as all my peers during this amazing year. In addition, I would like to express many thanks to Igor Carron who suggested the smart association of "Machine Learning" and "Salon" (gathering), and gave me the opportunity to organise in London a wonderful event that was the Europe Wide Machine Learning Meetup between Paris, Berlin, Zurich and London with Andrew Ng as a Guest speaker. I hope that this website will help many people learn and get more involved in this passionate field that is Machine Learning! Thank you for visiting the Machine Learning Salon! Jacqueline